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Convert your trial users with a done-for-you email sequence.

Need a strategic onboarding sequence that turns trial users into delighted long-term customers? Let's make it happen today.

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  • You've got product-market fit.
  • Your MRR is on the way up.
  • But right now, your signups just aren't converting to paid subscribers like you know they should.

You might have a killer offer. And you might be driving tons of signups on your site. But the truth is, that's where the real challenge begins.

Let's face it. Once your visitors sign up for your product, they still have to use it. And the last thing you want is to see trial users sign in once or twice... and then ghost on you.

Your job isn't just to get signups. It's more than that. You need users to experience all the benefits your product offers. Make your product an indispensable part of their daily life. And integrate it into their existing workflow and the tools they already use.

To turn trial users into long term customers, you need to help them make it a part of their everyday routine. Take them to the place where using your product is a habit -- almost second nature.

That's where Instant Emails is your new best friend.

With Instant Emails, you get an onboarding sequence that's strategically planned to help users get up to speed quickly with your product's most essential features -- plus a follow-up consultation to make implementing your sequence simple.

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Hi! I'm Chris.

A SaaS & B2B conversion copywriter who does the work.

Because let’s face it—awesome, high-converting copy doesn’t just come in a bolt of inspiration.

It comes from understanding consumer psychology. Conducting extensive market research that lets you know your customers better than they know themselves. And crafting creative messaging your audience can’t resist.

And that’s where I come in.

I help SaaS companies grow their user base by leveraging insights from psychology and behavioral science to identify gaps in conversion funnels and create impeccable, research-driven messaging that converts prospects into delighted long term customers.


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Discovery call

We'll start with a quick 30-minute call that helps me understand your product's key features and your target audience. And I'll get data from you that will shed light on your users, their behaviors and their habits.

Research and data analysis

I'll learn everything I can about your users, so I can craft an email sequence that speaks to their actual pain points and shows how your product is the solution.

Strategic sequence mapping

I'll plan a sequence that gets your users up to speed quickly with your product and helps them start using its most valuable features as part of their daily routine.

Copy for email onboarding sequence

I'll create an onboarding sequence of five to seven emails -- with a focus on reaching the aha! moment that makes your product a must-have tool your users can't live without.

Video summary and review

Along with your onboarding sequence, you'll get a concise video summary that walks you through the sequence so you understand the exact strategy behind it.

Done-for-you implementation

When your sequence is complete, I'll load it into your email platform for you -- so it goes live and you don't have to lift a finger.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take?

Instant Emails is designed to get you results fast, without waiting for a slot in my calendar.

You can order instantly and book a call with me typically within 48 hours. After we've completed our kickoff call, you can expect to get your emails back within one week.

What does it cost?

Each Instant Emails package is $997.

What can I expect?

I'll create an onboarding sequence that engages your trial users and helps them to experience how your product can make their lives easier, simpler and just plain better. You'll also get a video overview of the strategy behind the sequence -- plus done-for-you implementation, so your sequence goes live automagically.

Can I talk it over with you before signing up?

Absolutely! Just click here to send me a message and I'll reach out for a quick chat.

You deserve more paid users.

Let's go get 'em.

Get a better onboarding experience faster than you can order a pizza. Let's get started today.

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